Bringing People to Safety and Building our South Dakota Workforce

Living the American Dream in South Dakota

South Dakota’s booming economy boasts over 25,000 job openings, competitive salaries, and zero personal income tax. It’s the perfect spot for ambitious, freedom-loving folks seeking new career opportunities and a great quality of life.

At Freedom’s Haven, we’re dedicated to helping legal immigrants and refugees settle into our state and expand our workforce.

South Dakota welcomes Ukrainians

South Dakota tops the list as the preferred destination for Ukrainian refugees in the United States providing abundant chances to rebuild and secure a safe and prosperous future.

Various entities, including government bodies, corporations, non-profits, and welcoming residents collaborate to support legal Ukrainian newcomers.

South Dakota has an ambitious plan to welcome more than 10,000 Ukrainian newcomers.

Ukrainians hiking Black Hills

About South Dakota



With a population of around 880,000, South Dakota, famed for its iconic attraction Mount Rushmore, stands as the 16th largest state in terms of area among the fifty. Its shared values, robust economy, and dynamic job market contribute to a superior quality of life in the state.


Nature and Culture

In South Dakota, untouched natural splendor harmonizes with a lively cultural scene. From beautiful glacial lakes to the majestic Black Hills, the unspoiled Missouri River, and the awe-inspiring Mount Rushmore, the state showcases remarkable natural diversity at every turn.


Be Happy Here

South Dakota is ranked the 3rd happiest state in the country, making it the perfect place to start a new life.

‍Learn more about it on the SD Public Broadcasting website.

South Dakota's Potential

Many people move to South Dakota because of our open approach to growth and inclusiveness. We are here to help individuals, families, and businesses succeed with low taxes, and diverse career and educational opportunities.

Professional development can be pursued in South Dakota while maintaining a healthy work-life balance due to:

High Quality Of Life


Strong Economy


South Dakota's Stunning Outdoors

Discover the wonders of South Dakota, where a plethora of breathtaking sites and attractions await. From exploring the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial to marveling at the rugged beauty of Badlands National Park to boating, fishing and playing on the Missouri River, along with countless other state parks, lakes, and trails, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures to be had.

Learn more about the many hunting and fishing opportunities here.

Tap into the Ukrainian Workforce

It’s a fact. There are so many educated and talented Ukrainians who have been displaced from their country due to the invasion. Hundreds of thousands have landed in the US. Most of them have yet to discover the benefits of South Dakota. Many Ukrainians have ended up in places like New York and Los Angeles and discovered that these cities are not as they appear in the movies. Here’s a recent Bloomberg article about this problem.

South Dakota employers can benefit in this situation and help displaced Ukrainians. Freedom’s Haven is working on ways to encourage Ukrainians to move to South Dakota, by showing them that there are plenty of jobs here and that the cost of living is much lower than in most parts of the US, especially in a big city. Part of this is making connections between Ukrainians and South Dakota employers. To help us do this, please click the “Read More” button below and fill out the short form on this page and hit “submit.”
Depressed NY Ukrainian

It's a New Day in South Dakota

In the heart of South Dakota, we unite sponsors, employers, and individuals seeking freedom. At Freedom’s Haven, we harness the combined strength of communities collaborating generously. Join our mission and contribute to a state-wide initiative where residents and newcomers alike prosper and enjoy a high quality of life.

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