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Many Ukrainians mistakenly equate South Dakota cities with Ukrainian villages—a perception we know to be false from our own experiences in Ukraine. In Ukraine, rural villages with poor roads and no opportunities abound.  Jobs are scarce, prompting many to migrate to bigger cities like Kyiv in search of work. Consequently, when Ukrainians arrive in America, they carry misconceptions about life in smaller cities, comparing them unfavorably to bustling metropolises like New York and Los Angeles. Sadly, these misconceptions lead many to chase what they believe to be the American dream in these big metropolises, only to find themselves sorely disappointed. Instead of prosperity, they encounter hardship: exorbitant rent, relentless financial struggles, and pervasive crime. Their American dream quickly turns into a nightmare, leaving them feeling isolated, destitute, and longing for their homeland.
“I would tell anyone coming to New York to take off their rose-colored glasses,” Kseniia Nadvotska said. “You have to work so much just to pay your bills, your living expenses. To get a driver’s license. For a single parent and a child, it’s impossible.”  (From Bloomberg article – 80% of Ukrainians dream of returning to Ukraine)
However, South Dakota offers a different narrative. With the 3rd lowest housing costs in the nation, it stands out as a beacon of opportunity and freedom particularly notable for its resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other states, South Dakota refused to shut down its economy.   Instead it protected the constitutional right of its citizens.   As a result, the state’s economy thrived, attracting businesses with its low taxes and fostering a sense of prosperity. Many individuals, both from within the United States and abroad, have flocked to South Dakota to capitalize on its unique advantages, escaping the burdens of high taxes, high cost of living, and diminished quality of life elsewhere.

In South Dakota, the American dream is not just alive—it's thriving.

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