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We Need Sponsors

The biggest need is for sponsors to take the lead in helping resettle a Ukrainian refugee, refugee family, or group of refugees in South Dakota.   The video, linked below, will give you a quick idea of what a sponsor does under the Uniting for Ukraine (“U4U”) program. A sponsor is the person who receives approval from US Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) to receive a refugee into the US.  A sponsor commits to financially ensure a successful resettlement of the refugee.

The goal of Freedom’s Haven is to facilitate the resettlement of these refugees. Primarily, we do that by providing information and advice and, if needed, helping to make connections between refugees, sponsors, employers, and other supporters. Click here to see a sponsor checklist.  This is meant as a guide for sponsors in South Dakota, but it will be informative to anyone involved in helping Ukrainian refugees as well as those considering sponsorship.

Additionally, Freedom’s Haven raises funds to provide grants for specific extraordinary resettlement needs.  Click here to learn about Freedom’s Haven grants. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor (or helping in another way), please let us know by using the response form on the Community Page.

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